All winning bids from our silent auction will go directly to our 9 endorsed candidates (aka the Persist Brooklyn All-Stars) via our ActBlue page.

To bid, press the "Bid" button and fill out the linked Google Form with your name, email, phone number, and the bid amount.

Bidding will be live until 9:45pm EDT on Saturday, October 24.

The person with the highest bid for each item will be given 24 hours to pay for their item via a donation to our ActBlue page. If they do not claim their item in one day, the person with the second highest bid will be given a chance to claim it (and then the third, etc.)

Persist Brooklyn will coordinate the delivery of all items to the auction winners.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Emily Giurleo --


Mid-Century Modern Retro Coffee & Demitasse Set

This set includes a Liberty Green Mid-Century Modern Retro Rosenthal coffee pot, sugar bowl and set of twelve demitasse cups.

Bidding starts at $60.

Face Mask Bundle

A bundle of four cloth masks from Masks by Rachel Young. There are two RBG Dissent themed masks and two Vote themed masks.

You can find more of Rachel's work at her Etsy shop, Masks by Rachel Young.

Bidding starts at $20.

Vote Collection Tote Bag, Zip Pouch, and Button

This bundle includes three items from T. Woods Photo Artist Shop's "Vote" Collection: a small tote bag, a small zip pouch, and a small button. 

These items are designed by photographer Teanna "T." Woods Okojie. Her work has been exhibited throughout Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York City, South Africa & West Africa. Visit her shop at:

Bidding starts at $15.

Hello Color and Rainbow Mousepad 

This bundle includes two items from Rachel Mae Smith, owner of The Crafted Life Blog. Items include a copy of Rachel's new book, Hello Color, and a rainbow mousepad.

Visit The Crafted Life here:

Bidding starts at $15.


3 Skate Lessons at Substance Skatepark

Shred it up with three hour-long skate lessons at Substance Skatepark, an indoor skatepark in Brooklyn! This package includes park admission and rental gear.

Visit the Substance Skatepark website:

Bidding starts at $70.

Guitar Lesson with Jamie Fox

Brush up on your guitar skills with a lesson from guitarist and teacher Jamie Fox. Jamie has performed world wide, in concert and on television. He has worked with artists as diverse as Brother Jack Mc Duff, Dr. John, Ernie Watts, Gene Harris, Tiger Okoshi, Carla Thomas, Otis Clay and The Shirelles.

Visit Jamie's website at

Bidding starts at $25.

Singing Lesson with Andrea Wolper

Whether you're a shower singer, an experienced vocalist, or somewhere in between, this Zoom singing lesson will be a fun, welcoming session tailored to your needs and interests, such as improving your singing in general, reading music, exploring jazz or improvisation, or getting coached on a song you're working on.


Andrea Wolper is a critically acclaimed singer and songwriter who performs in the U.S. and abroad. She teaches vocal technique (all ages), songwriting, and improvisation at numerous educational institutions including California Jazz Conservatory. Visit her website at

Bidding starts at $25.

2-Hour Life Coaching Session

 Unearth your full potential and become the architect of a more fulfilling life with Creative Life Guide, Bree Luck. This package includes 2 hours of video/phone consultation along with a bespoke combination of writing exercises, somatic engagement, design thinking, and mindfulness techniques to help you cultivate joy, connection, and purpose in your days. Expires 10/15/2021.  


Bree Luck is a life guide, creative coach, and educator with an MA in drama therapy from New York University. Visit her website here:


Bidding starts at $35. 


Photo Print of the Manhattan Skyline

This 8x12" art print of the Manhattan skyline was taken by local Brooklyn photographer Michael Del Rossi.

Visit Michael Del Rossi's website:

Bidding starts at $45.

Framed Art Print

This framed art print is an original by New York-based artist Garry Nichols.

Visit Nichols' website:

Bidding starts at $25.

Kokedera (Moss Temple) Archival Print

This signed print of a watercolor and ink illustration of Kokedera (the Moss Temple) shows the beautiful moss and autumn leaves of Saihoji Temple's garden in Kyoto. It is from Kate T. Williamson's book A Year in Japan and is printed on archival paper (8.5” x 11”, can fit into 8” x 10” frame).

Visit Kate T. Williamson's site:

Bidding starts at $15.

Digital Art Print

This 12x12 art print by Brooklyn-based artist and product manager Natalia Rodríguez represents the phrase "They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds."

Bidding starts at $15.

Elizabeth Warren Poster

This poster was used to promote Warren's appearance in Washington Square Park on September 16, 2019 during her Democratic Presidential Primary Run. This poster is sized 11" x 17" and was volunteer-designed and printed.

Bidding starts at $15.


4 Dozen Choco-Toffee Cookies from Redgate Bakery

4 dozen choco-toffee cookies. Perhaps the most perfect update on an already perfect cookie, we add a little toffee along with shards of bittersweet chocolate into this cookie, warming it up ever so slightly.

Red Gate Bakery is an intimate bakeshop nestled in Manhattan’s East Village. Named after the Nantucket farm where founder Greg Rales spent summers growing up, Red Gate was inspired by his fond memories baking in his swim trunks on warm afternoons. Visit their website:

Bidding starts at $55.

Case of Wine from Judy's Sunset Park

This 4-Pack case of wine is specially curated for this auction. It includes a Red, a white, a dark rosé, and an orange: a brooding head-rush 2015 Cab Franc from Hungary that will take you on a walk through the forest and slather jam on your toast, a fresh and explosive Spanish White Blend from the high alpine mountains of the Sierra Gredos vinified by 4 hippie winemakers who met on the hiking trails in the region, a Georgian Rosé aged in a giant clay Qveri buried in the earth that tastes like iced Rooibos tea and fresh pomegranate juice, and a South African Orange Wine that tastes of apricots drizzled in honey a romantic and delicious good time.

Learn more about Judy's here:

Bidding starts at $40.


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