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In March 2021, the Electoral Strategy Team announced our endorsements for the NYC 2021 Democratic Primaries. These candidates represent our vision of a progressive city government that will work to dismantle systems of structural oppression, uplift our communities, and build a city that works for all New Yorkers.


To align with New York City's ranked choice voting, we issued first & second choice endorsements for the City Council Races in District 35 and 39. Between March and the June 22 Primary, the Electoral Strategy Team hosted events to support our endorsed candidates. 

NYC Comptroller

Brad Lander

Brad Lander

We are excited to endorse Council Member Brad Lander, who will bring an organizer’s perspective as the Chief Financial Officer of NYC. Brad’s decades of organizing experience will ensure that our city not only recovers from this pandemic, but that we build a sustainable economy that works for all New Yorkers! We are excited to partner with Brad’s campaign to invest in our city's future and fight for justice for all New Yorkers. You can learn more about Brad’s campaign here.

Volunteer for Brad Lander

Council District 35

Crystal Hudson

First Choice Endorsement: Crystal Hudson 

We are excited to endorse Crystal Hudson, a public servant and community organizer, as our 1st Choice for CD-35. With her bold Black Agenda for New York City, Crystal has put forth a policy framework to recover, rebuild, and reimagine a city that works for us all and centers Black New Yorkers. We are excited to partner with Crystal’s campaign to elect the first openly gay Black woman to NYC Council. You can learn more about Crystal’s campaign here.

Volunteer for Crystal Hudson

Michael Hollingsworth

Second Choice Endorsement: Michael Hollingsworth

We are excited to endorse Michael Hollingsworth as our 2nd Choice for CD-35. Michael is a lifelong Brooklynite, tenant organizer with Crown Heights Tenant Union, and dedicated fighter for housing justice. Michael will bring his community organizing experience to the City Council and continue to organize his constituents to build collective power in their communities. You can learn more about Michael’s campaign here.

Council District 39

Shahana Hanif

First Choice Endorsement: Shahana Hanif

We are excited to endorse Shahana Hanif as our 1st Choice for CD-39. Shahana was born and raised in Kensington and is a domestic violence, immigration, and disability rights activist. She is running an unapologetically joyful and intersectional feminist campaign, which promises justice in housing, the environment, education, public safety, and economic rights for all New Yorkers. We are excited to partner with Shahana’s campaign to elect the first South Asian person and first Muslim woman to NYC Council, and the district’s first woman Councilmember. You can learn more about Shahana’s campaign here.

Volunteer for Shahana Hanif 

Brandon West

Second Choice Endorsement: Brandon West 

We are excited to endorse Brandon West as our #2 Choice for CD-39. Brandon brings to the table his experience as an analyst with the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget and the NYC Council finance division, as well as experience organizing for voting rights, unions, and racial justice. Brandon’s platform is centered on transforming the city government so that it works for all New Yorkers, because he believes “A Better City is Possible.” You can learn more about Brandon’s campaign here. 

How Does a Ranked Endorsement Work?

The Electoral Strategy Team is focusing our efforts on the First Choice endorsed campaigns (Brad Lander, Crystal Hudson, and Shahana Hanif). We look forward to partnering with those campaigns to directly recruit volunteers and host dedicated Persist Brooklyn volunteer events for their campaigns.

We encourage all of our members to attend electoral events for our Second Choice endorsed campaigns (Michael Hollingsworth and Brandon West), but the Electoral Strategy Team will not be hosting volunteer events on behalf of those campaigns. You can recruit volunteers for their electoral events via Slack

If you are a resident in CD-35 or CD-39, we encourage you to rank these candidates on your ballot in June. 

Persist Brooklyn x NYC Candidate Playlist Collaboration


Cuts for Crystal, Beats for Brad and Songs for Shahana! These groovy candidate collaborations are guaranteed to power you through the next few weeks of grassroots voter engagement! 🕺

We've got Burna Boy, Chaka Khan, Joni Mitchell... The songs hand-selected by Shahana, Crystal and Brad for these playlists can inspire us all as we fight by their side for a progressive NYC that invests in joy, equity, and community. 

In summer 2020, Persist Brooklyn endorsed our first slate of nine candidates who represented a critical piece of realizing our mission as an organization. You can read more about our 2020 All-Stars here. We are proud to have endorsed these candidates, regardless of the outcomes of their respective elections.


After the November 2020 general election, we continued our work by supporting All-Star Rev. Raphael Warnock and progressive organizations working on the ground in the Georgia runoffs. 

Congratulations to our endorsed candidates, Brad Lander (NYC Comptroller), Crystal Hudson (City Council CD-35) and Shahana Hanif (City Council CD-39) on their historic victories! We look forward to working alongside them to create bold, transformational change for our city.

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