Persist Brooklyn mobilizes grassroots support and electoral action to advance Senator Elizabeth Warren’s blueprint for progressive policies from her 2020 presidential campaign. 


To fulfill our mission, we will:


  • Inform constituents and candidates about Elizabeth Warren’s plans to build a strong, intersectional coalition. 


  • Engage in voter education and activist training to strengthen participation in democracy.


  • Fight to achieve a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate in 2021. 


  • Organize support for political candidates who will further our progressive vision and assist in its implementation.


  • Work collaboratively to dismantle structural oppressive forces such as sexism and racism in our communities, government, and media narratives.


  • Establish a culture of political discourse centered on issues and grounded in respect, commonality, accountability, compassion, and good humor.

In the days following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, Brooklyn has emerged as an epicenter of activism.

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement  Persist Brooklyn has joined in demanding racial justice and government accountability. By mobilizing our network to support protesters and join them, by partnering with In the Fight NBK to create a NYC police accountability lobbying guide and Day of Action to call on officials to adopt progressive police reform, we honor our mission to dismantle structural oppressive forces such as racism in our communities, government, and media narratives. The fight for racial equality intersects with every aspect of our electoral work and we move forward with the urgency and persistence that this moment requires.

© 2021 Persist Brooklyn; NOT AFFILIATED with Elizabeth Warren or her campaign (but we love her very, very much).