Persist Brooklyn mobilizes grassroots support and electoral action to advance Senator Elizabeth Warren’s blueprint for progressive policies from her 2020 presidential campaign. 


To fulfill our mission, we will:


  • Inform constituents and candidates about Elizabeth Warren’s plans to build a strong, intersectional coalition. 


  • Engage in voter education and activist training to strengthen participation in democracy.


  • Fight to achieve a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate in 2021. 


  • Organize support for political candidates who will further our progressive vision and assist in its implementation.


  • Work collaboratively to dismantle structural oppressive forces such as sexism and racism in our communities, government, and media narratives.


  • Establish a culture of political discourse centered on issues and grounded in respect, commonality, accountability, compassion, and good humor.

© 2020 Persist Brooklyn; NOT AFFILIATED with Elizabeth Warren or her campaign (but we love her very, very much).