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CA-25 Candidate Christy Smith Stops By Happy Hour

On Tuesday, May 12 there will be a special election for the US House seat in California's 25th congressional district, to replace former Representative Katie Hill.

Christy Smith is a Democrat running against Trump-backed Republican Mike Garcia in a tight race.

Persist Brooklyn has been organizing phone banking, text banking, videos and social media posts for the campaign, because we know what happens in California impacts us all.

Christy Zoomed into our Bi-Weekly Organizing Happy Hour yesterday to say thanks, and encourage us to keep fighting!

Below is a partial transcript of Christy's message. This content has been edited for clarity and brevity.


The most amazing part of what we've all experienced since election night 2016, is this very genuine organic need to find each other and to engage in activism all across this country. It is so great to have you guys be a part of what has been this mass movement in California, with all of our activist groups from Sea Change to our Indivisible groups, Swing Left and so many others who have all been involved not only in the flips that we did in 2018 with getting these California 7 seats, but now in helping us to defend this really important seat here, so we appreciate you all so much. I was also saddened to see senator Warren leave the field, but you know we do have a lot more righteous fights to take on. I appreciate you understanding that my race is definitely one of them. For me it's always a good day when I start any day with a Twitter fight with our president, and today was no exception. I was going a couple of rounds with the president on expansion of voter rights, which he seems to have a problem with in my district. That's really what's at stake here. Other than when we had Katie Hill for those few short moments, we have had Republican representation across these communities. We have a sizable democratic registration advantage, nearly seven points, and our next fastest growing voter demographic is our decline-to-state. This means they're disaffected with both parties, which gives us a lot to speak to in this moment. We know we need to be talking about improving people's access to health care in both coverage, and points of access. We need to be talking about a robust and meaningful social safety net that in a moment of crisis like this, really goes to the heart of supporting people and keeping a roof over their head and food on their table. Then we know, and this is where I'm so proud of Senator Warren and others leading this charge, that this economic recovery coming out of this crisis has to be broad-based. If this isn't hitting Main Street first, if this isn't going directly, immediately to our workers who were already struggling to get by paycheck-to-paycheck, then we will have once again missed a really big opportunity. [We need] to shore up some of these sizable fractures in our own economic system, and really finally start to address putting it into economic injustice in our country. Having you as part of our team is everything right now. [This is a special election and] specials are an uphill climb for Democrats, even in districts like this where we have a registration advantage. Republicans simply vote more consistently, more persistently, and early. We have from this weekend through Tuesday night at 8:00 pm to close about a 10,000-vote gap, and then climb ahead of them, but this is where we shine. This is where Republicans kind of take the sidelines, they don't have the activated base that we have. They don't have the enthusiasm that we have. This is our moment, and with the help, enthusiasm and support from each of you, and folks all across the country, we're very confident we can get there on Tuesday night. I appreciate you all so much- big virtual hug thank you- for your activism for your support, your engagement.

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