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The Christy Smith Campaign needs YOU to make a 15 second video showing your support!

There is a special election on May 12 in California’s 25th Congressional District for the seat previously held by Katie Hill. The Democrat running to replace her is Christy Smith, California State Assemblywoman.

Here are some of her positions:

  • Improving public education by making public college and other job training programs more affordable

  • Ending corruption in Washington (she’s not accepting any super PAC money)

  • Improving healthcare access with a public insurance option

  • Addressing the climate crisis and creating sustainable jobs

  • Improving gun safety

Mike Garcia is the Republican running for this same seat. He’s in favor of Trump’s border wall, eliminating the ACA, and “fighting socialism.” After all the progress we made flipping the House in 2018, electing Garcia would be a huge step back. This is going to be a close election, but it’s totally winnable.

The Christy Smith Campaign needs YOU to make a 15 second video showing your support of Christy Smith for US Congress!

Your 15 second video should include:

1) Who you are

2) Why you support Christy. Submit your video via this google form: Not only may your video be featured in the campaign’s social media outreach, you may even get a call from Christy herself!

Here are some recording tips to help you make your video look AWESOME:

  • Find a well-lit, quiet space with an interesting backdrop. 

  • The light should hit your face, not come from behind you.

  • Speak directly to the camera.

  • If you’re using your phone, position it horizontally.

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