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Entering the HOME STRETCH!

NEVERTHELESS we PERSISTED in writing well over 10,000 + postcards to voters leading up to this election (special shout-outs to the fabulous NYC4WARREN and Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats for making this possible!)

PBK representing at GRAND ARMY PLAZA for JAIME HARRISON and the rest of our ALL-STARS!

Ballots are being cast, the White House is a Covid Hot-spot, and climate change remains an existential threat. What is one supposed to do? Well the truth is no one can do everything but you can at least do "some thing." And all of those "some things" together add up to BIG THINGS.  And that is what PERSIST BROOKLYN is all about. JOIN US at any one of our upcoming events to make your difference!

Organize with us on SLACK!

EVENTS THIS WEEK:   TUES.  10/13 6 - 8 PM OR SUN. 10/18 12 - 2 PM:  New York says Adiós Trump (weekly event) Click HERE to join our virtual phone bank (in Spanish OR English!) in support of Joe Biden's campaign in Florida. Speak to voters about Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan and provide information on how to register for vote by mail. WED. 10/14 6 - 8 PM: TEXT and TEA! (weekly event) Click HERE to join us via Zoom and send texts for progressive causes!  *This is an event for experienced texters only. If you have never texted before and need training, please go through official campaign text trainings. Join the team-text-welcome channel on PBK's Slack Workstation to find daily opportunities to text with other campaigns.* THURS. 10/15 7 - 8:30 PM: Lies, Misinformation and Propaganda Working Group (bi-weekly event) JOIN US in exploring what we - and you - can do to counter lies, misinformation and propaganda in the media and to better understand the factors that influence public opinion, voters and democracy. SAT. 10/17 11:00 AM: Women's March w/ PBK Ruth Bader Ginsburg dedicated her life to fighting for equal rights under the law. We'll take it from here. JOIN US as we march from Grand Army Plaza to the Courthouse at Cadman Plaza next Saturday October 17th starting at 11am. Bring your masks, signs and big dissent energy! SAT. 10/17 5 - 7 PM: Virtual Organizing HAPPY HOUR with All-Star Candidate CANDACE VALENZUELA! Grab a drink and JOIN US for Happy Hour. As always, we'll chat about all our ongoing actions and how you can get involved. This week, we hope to be joined by a very special guest, one of our amazing All-Stars, Candace Valenzuela (TX-24)!

SUN.  10/18 2:30 PM:  Flip the Senate w/Jaime Harrison and Persist Brooklyn (weekly event) Help make sure Jaime has the grassroots support needed to flip South Carolina by making calls to established supporters of the campaign. Click HERE to help get the green to go blue!    LOOKING AHEAD:   Next Study Group Session: 10/25 and 10/26 Persist Brooklyn believes that fair and free elections are foundational to a healthy democracy. We are increasingly concerned with Trump’s assault on the election and our democratic rights. Persist Brooklyn is committed to mobilizing in defense of the election. As a result, Study Group Session 5 will be focused on the Republican efforts to undermine the election and how we can respond to an election-related power grabSign up here!


We call on the media to uphold their responsibility to report elections accurately. An election ends, not when the polls close, but only when the last vote is counted. Media should begin NOW to normalize the idea that we will probably have to wait weeks after November 3, 2020 for final results and should lay the foundation that a delayed result is not due to a corrupted process. SIGN & SHARE THE PETITION NOW The stakes are our DEMOCRACY!


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