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Fight for Democracy with Persist Brooklyn

This past week, Persist Brooklyn knocked it out of the park with our kick-off Day of Action for Candace Valenzuela (TX-24, pictured below!), one of our All Star Endorsement Lineup of candidates fighting to flip the Senate, hold the house, and achieve progressive changes for our country. Check out our full list of November endorsements here and join us at an upcoming event to be a part of securing their victory and our democracy!

UPCOMING DAYS OF ACTION & EVENTS FOR PERSIST BK ENDORSED CANDIDATES:THURS.  9/3 4:30 - 6 PM :  Text for Jaime Harrison to Flip the Senate in South Carolina (weekly event) Click HERE to text South Carolina voters for Jaime Harrison in collaboration with the South Carolina Democratic Party.  

SUN.  9/6 2:30 - 5 PM :  Dial for Grassroots Dollars with the Jaime Harrison Campaign (weekly event) Help make sure Jaime has the grassroots support needed to flip South Carolina by making calls or texts to established supporters of the campaign. Click HERE to help get the green to go blue!

SUN.  9/13 2 - 4 PM :  Day of Action for Nate McMurray Nate McMurray came so close to flipping New York's most Republican district blue in a special election in June and he's back to finish the job this November! Click HERE to join us for texting and phone banking, training included. 


TUES.  9/1 6 - 8 PM :  New York says Adiós Trump (weekly event)

Click HERE to join our virtual bilingual phone bank (in Spanish OR English!) in support of Joe Biden's campaign in Florida. Speak to voters about Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan and provide information on how to register for vote by mail.

WED. 9/2 6 - 8 PM : TEXT and TEA! (weekly event)

Click HEREto join us via zoom and send texts for progressive causes! The Texting Team shares daily texting opportunities in our Slack Channel and texts together for Persist Brooklyn's Endorsed Candidates at each week's Text and Tea (you can also BYO Texts!). We'll be texting for Reverend Raphael Warnock for Georgia's Senate seat together this Wednesday. 

Thurs. 9/3  7 - 8:30 PM -- Lies, Misinformation, and Propaganda - What Activists Can Do!

Click HERE to join us as we explore factors that influence voters and public opinion and workshop how we as activists can improve in messaging progressive values. 

Sat. 9/5  12 PM : Postcarding in the Park

JOIN US at a safe social distance in Prospect Park where we will spread out to write postcards to voters, encourage passersby to write a postcard with us, and register others to vote.

Sat. 9/5  5 - 7 PM : Virtual Organizing Happy Hour

Click HERE to commune with like-minded, politically-engaged Brooklynites.


SUN. 9/13 or MON. 9/14  - 6 PM : Study Group Meeting 4:  The Legacy of Segregation in American Education

After a short summer recess, the Persist Brooklyn Study Group RETURNS!

Persist Brooklyn is committed to activism that dismantles the systems of oppression and society, and we believe political education is a vital component of sustainable and effective activism. (As a reminder, you only need to register for one meeting.) Learn with us!

Postcarding in the Park spreading activism and info this past weekend!

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