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Here's lookin' at YOU, Georgia!

We RAN to show that we will PERSIST. We ate EW cookies to remind us to SAVOR the SWEET MOMENTS. We CELEBRATED when the election was called for Biden & Harris. And now we PIVOT to the work ahead of us, which in the short-term is to ensure that the election results are respected, that every vote is counted, and that the GA Senate seats turn BLUE!

These days following the election have been a whirlwind, but we expected that, and we have a plan. As we contemplate ways to push the upcoming Biden administration toward progressive policies, we must also stay vigilant in order to ensure a peaceful transfer of power, and we must endeavor to turn the Senate BLUE - here's lookin' at you, Georgia. We know the temptation to book a flight and head to the Peach State is strong, but we can be most effective by supporting on-the-ground efforts remotely. In the coming weeks, Persist Brooklyn will be hosting phone banks and text banks to support the campaigns and on-the-ground Democratic organizing efforts in the state. For now, you can find phone/text opportunities with:

  1. Jon Ossoff's campaign

  2. Reverend Raphael Warnock's campaign

  3. Fair Fight

  4. Working Families Party

  5. Resistance Labs (working with Black Lives Matter GA–coming soon)

Interested in making a donation to or learning more about BIPOC-led organizations in Georgia? Check out this awesome spreadsheet created by They See Blue: Georgia. Hope over fear, and as always, let's get to work! 


Persist Brooklyn PS - A reminder during these stressful times - don't amplify misinformation! If you see a false of misleading claim on social media, don't comment, share, or react - simply report it. See more tips from PEN America here


SAT.  5-7 PM - Virtual Organizing Happy Hour w/ Special Guest Alejandra Caraballo - candidate for NY City Council, District 35

JOIN US to learn about current organizing activities that like-minded Brooklynites are engaging in. We want to hear from you!

This week, we are excited to continue our Looking Local series at Happy Hour with special guest Alejandra Caraballo - candidate for City Council. Alejandra is a civil rights attorney who represents undocumented immigrants, tenants, workers, and other vulnerable neighbors. 

SUN. 3-5 PM: Dialing for Dollars - Rev. Warnock (weekly event collab w/ Civic Sundays)

JOIN US as we call established donors of Rev. Warnock to chip in again for this HUGE "Special Election"! 

Can't join us but wanna help?  Donate HERE


The PBk Crafts Team will have postcards and addresses to write to Georgia voters by November 18th. In the meantime, if you have postcards and stamps and are ready write, go HERE to get addresses and scripts via Flip the West.  For more updates, join the #team-crafts channel the PBk SLACK.

Organize with us on SLACK!

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