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Opportunities Galore to Help Get Our Candidates Past the Finish Line!

And it's down to the wire!!!! Early voting start this weekend so join us this week for any of these events below as we work to get our progressive candidates over the finish line! There are outdoor events in the sun and indoor events to cool down - take your pick or do them all!


Hot days, warm nights and 14 days to go to Election Day in NY! Hope you all know your early voting site-- Or maybe you're a rockstar 🤩 and have already voted by mail. If not, check out the handy links below. We have a slew of indoor and outdoor events to keep you involved. We've all been working very hard to get our endorsed candidates elected and it's time to double-up on our efforts as we approach the finish line. Whether you want to work on that tan while canvassing or cool down with a friend bank, we have something for you! LFG , Sujata (she/her)

Handy Links:

Organize with us on SLACK

New to Slack? Check out our Slack Guide for a quick how-to

THURS JUNE 12th 5PM-7PM ET: Friend Bank for Brad Lander (NYC Comptroller)!

Join Team Lander in spreading the word about Brad's campaign amongst your friends, family and personal network! Relational organizing is at the heart of our campaign because we know friend to friend outreach is the most powerful form of voter contact, and YOU are our greatest advocate. So together we will use the Reach app to connect with folks we already know and encourage them to support Brad Lander for Comptroller!

Saturday JUNE 12th 10AM-1PM ET: Day of Action for Crystal Hudson (CD-35)!

JOIN #TeamCrystal to talk to our neighbors about why she is the best choice for District 35! After the shift, we will have a volunteer social from 1:00 to 2:30PM. And if Saturday doesn't work for you, we encourage you to find a canvassing or phone banking shift that fits your schedule here.

SAT JUNE 12th 2PM-5PM ET: Day of Action with Sunrise Movement, CBID, Treeage, and Persist BK

Please join us as we knock doors to get out the vote for Shahana Hanif (CD-39)! To join Persist Brooklyn at Bartel-Pritchard Square at 2PM, sign up here.

MON JUNE 21st 7-8:30 PM ET: Media & Democracy Working Group

JOIN the “Media and Democracy” working group to better understand and respond to the factors that influence public opinion, voters and democracy. Note regular group meetings will be moving to every other Monday at 7pm starting June 7.

WED JULY 21st 7-8 PM ET: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Dark Money: Poison of American Democracy

JOIN Blue Wave Brigade, The Grimke Group, Persist Brooklyn, and the United Democratic Headquarters for the next, terrific installment of our exciting new Civic Conversations Series! We’re beyond thrilled to be joined by U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island—an authority on the dangers of Dark Money and a giant in the fight for Climate Resiliency! He’ll be with us to answer questions about Dark Money and its hold on American Democracy, as well as what we can do about it as activists. If you’d like to submit a question for the Senator, we’d love to hear from you! We will send a form for question submission after you've RSVPed!

🕺 Persist Brooklyn x NYC Candidate Playlist Collaboration 🎧 Check out the Spotify playlists created by each of our endorsed candidates-- Cuts for Crystal, Beats for Brad and Songs for Shahana! 🎶

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