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Persist through the finish line!

Persist Brooklyn is a partner with - a large coalition preparing for possible large-scale, non-violent demonstrations as soon as November 4th, should Trump/GOP undermine the vote counting process and/or declare victory before all votes are counted.  Please sign up for more information and share this link with your circles! Depending on when you're reading this, we are at just around 36 hours until polls close across the country. Turnout is already at historic levels but we need to seize every last second of this most important election of our lifetimes. Join us or one of our All-Star endorsed candidates to talk to voters one more time before Tuesday and donate to support our candidates as they cross the finish line! We also need to be ready for whatever happens after the polls close. Every vote must be counted, and we encourage you plan with your friends and family now should a sustained, people-powered movement be necessary to ensure our democracy. Check out for demonstration planning and Choose Democracy's Resource Handbook

MON.  4PM - Candace Valenzuela for Congress Phone Bank Launch with Rep. Ayanna Pressley

Join one of our all-star endorsed candidates, Candace Valenzuela, to get out the vote in TX-24 with a launch from Warren campaign co-chair and MA-7 Rep Ayanna Pressley. In case you haven't heard, Texas is a a swing state y'all...

MON. 5 - 8 PM and/or TUES. 5 - 7 PM:  New York Says Adiós Trump 

The path to the White House goes through Florida! Click HERE to join our virtual phone bank where you will speak to voters (in Spanish OR English) about Biden's Build Back Better plan and provide information on how to register for vote by mail.

MON. Multiple time slots:  Phonebank with NARAL to Get Out The Vote

JOIN NARAL to make calls for PBk All-Star Jackie Gordon (Shift 1), Desiree Timms (Shift 2 and part of Shift 3), and PBk All-Star Candace Valenzuela (part of Shift 3, Shift 4).  Rep. Ayanna Pressley will be joining at 4pm.

SAT. 9:30 AM:  Persist Run!

JOIN US at 9th St. & Prospect Park West for  the PERSIST RUN 5k. Persisters of all ages and abilities are welcome. Regardless of the election results, we will move forward; we will PERSIST! 

Organize with us on SLACK!


*We call on the media to uphold their responsibility to report elections accurately. An election ends, not when the polls close, but only when the last vote is counted. Media should begin NOW to normalize the idea that we will probably have to wait weeks after November 3, 2020 for final results and should lay the foundation that a delayed result is not due to a corrupted process.* 



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