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Protect the Results March & more persisting this weekend

JOIN the Persist Brooklyn community this Saturday NOV. 7 @ 9:30 AM - 9th St. & Prospect Park West - for  the PERSIST RUN 5k. Persisters of all ages and abilities are welcome. Regardless of the election results, we are moving forward and we will PERSIST! 

While we're waiting for the final election results, we've got a plan to stay busy this weekend. Join us at the Persist Run 5K Saturday morning, the Protect the Results March Saturday afternoon, or for our first Georgia Senate run-off event on Sunday afternoon (see more info below). Our electoral strategy team will share a comprehensive update about our All-Star candidates in the coming weeks once every vote has been counted. Some of our candidates' races haven't been called yet (Jackie Gordon in NY-2, Candace Valenzuela in TX-24, Cal Cunningham in North Carolina) while Reverend Raphael Warnock is headed for a run-off in Georgia. Here's what we do know: this community STEPPED UP to defend democracy and fight for progressive ideals. Here's the good news about all of our work:

  • We sent over 10,000 postcards to voters in swing states.

  • We made thousands of phone calls and sent hundreds of thousands of texts (shoutout to our Text n' Tea-ers!)

  • We raised over $6000 for our slate of All-Star Candidates with the help of Civic Sundays, Persist DC, and our amazing Persist Prom Planning Committee.

  • And in New York, with 293,000 votes already counted and more to come, the New York Working Families Party will remain on the ballot! Persist Brooklyn was thrilled to support this incredible organizing effort by the NYWFP and we're so glad New York's progressive party is stronger than ever. See more from NYWFP here.

What's next? We know we're ready to keep fighting like hell to flip the Senate in Georgia. And we want to hear from you as well. Once we've all caught our breath, we're looking forward to collectively discussing how our community should continue moving forward. Please know you can reach out over email or on Slack any time to share ideas, plans, and dreams for the future.  Hope over fear,  The Persist Brooklyn Steering Committee PS - A reminder during these stressful times - don't amplify misinformation! If you see a false or misleading claim on social media, don't comment, share, or react - simply report it. See more tips from PEN America here

SAT.  9:30-11:30AM - Persist Run 5K!

The Persist Run 5K is an opportunity for our community to come together to celebrate all our work over the last year and make a plan for our continued persistence. Run, walk, or jog the 5K at your own pace, or just meet us at the Picnic House to cheer on our runners. Whether you're new to Persist Brooklyn or a long-time activist, we'd love to enjoy a beautiful fall day with you. SIGN UP HERE.

SAT. 1PM: NYC March to Protect the Results  JOIN US to march from Columbus Circle. Persist Brooklyn is part of the national coalition Protect The Results which is an army of over 90 groups in NYC alone demanding that every vote be counted and the results of the election be respected. Visible, vocal opposition is essential to stopping any efforts by Trump and the GOP to steal the election - come make your voice heard. 

SUN. 3-5PM: Dialing for Dollars in support of Rev. Warnock

JOIN US for our first of what is sure to be many events in support of our All-Star endorsed candidate Reverend Raphael Warnock's run-off Senate race in Georgia. We will be making calls to established supporters of Rev. Warnock's campaign to encourage them to donate again to help flip the Senate in January's run-off! Can't join us but already feeling eager to support the Reverend? Donate here

Organize with us on SLACK!

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