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Get Involved With a Team

Our busy members have established some teams that we believe are needed to help us do our work. If you're interested in supporting candidates around the country via phone or text banking, helping shape our electoral strategy, hosting happy hours, crafting and plenty of other strategic or hands-on initiatives, there is probably a team for that.  Most teams are open to any member to join at any time, the more the merrier. All that is required is your interest!


To participate in any of the open teams, join us on Slack and find the respective Slack channel. There you can see what's going on, how to get involved and be part of the conversation.


There are only a couple groups that require some conversation with and approval from the steering committee to join. Those are are #team-finance and #steering-committee.

Current Teams


Please note: Teams and channels in Slack may evolve, and this list may not always reflect the most recent updates.


Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee is responsible for the management, oversight, and strategy of Persist Brooklyn. PBk-SC members are expected to make a good-faith effort to attend all monthly SC meetings, at least 1 PBk event per month, and participate in votes concerning PBk’s structure, endorsements, and activities. SC members also serve on at least one additional team. SC members should have (or be enthusiastic about developing) a strong working understanding of PBk’s activities such that they can host or co-host events when needed. Steering Committee members can be nominated by any member of the Persist Brooklyn community (including themselves), and their nomination will be discussed and decided upon by the SC at the next meeting. The SC is a natural outgrowth from the PBk community; any member interested in deepening their involvement in PBk is encouraged to reach out about joining. 

  • Key contributors: Persist Brooklyn Steering Committee contact list

  • Slack channel: #1pbk-steering-committee
    This is an invitation only slack channel, but we encourage anyone interested in contributing to inquire about getting involved at this level. We’d love to have you! 



  • Slack channel: #team-communications

  • This team determines what our outgoing messaging should be. This feeds outgoing email, social media and website messages and call to actions, and we can set a messaging timeline or schedule. The goal is for all Persist Brooklyn communications to be uniform as it relates to timing, image, messaging / text of announcements, etc. 


Craft Team 

  • Slack channel: #team-crafts

  • This team brainstorms and creates events that provide opportunities for hands-on Democratic work with a crafty twist. Past events have included postcarding, holiday ornament making, pumpkin carving, and poster making.


Culture and Conflict Resolution 

  • Slack channel: #team-culture-and-conflict-resolution

  • This team supports Persist Brooklyn in being accountable to ourselves and our community in our aim to build and sustain a diverse, inclusive, and respectful organization.


Electoral Strategy 

  • Slack channel: #electoral-strategy

  • The Electoral Strategy team analyzes the electoral importance of federal, state, and local races across the country.  They evaluate candidates’ strengths, platform, and likelihood of winning before presenting potential endorsements to the Persist Brooklyn members. Persist Brooklyn implements a democratic process to endorse candidates (e.g., group-wide participation in a vote).  Overall, Persist Brooklyn’s Electoral Strategy team aims to be impactful in impactful races.    

  • The Electoral Strategy team will coordinate with the Outreach team to manage potential partnerships with like-minded progressive groups.


Events Logistics 

  • Slack channel: #team-event-logistics

  • This team manages key elements of event hosting, tracking props and signage and other materials, also providing organizational and location assistance where needed. The team will also collect feedback on events in order to establish and disseminate best practices and ensure continual improvement.



  • Slack channel: #team-finance

  • Due to the financial nature of this content, this slack channel is invite only.

  • The Finance team establishes and maintains guidelines that outline how persons and teams can request funds for various projects and be responsible for oversight of Persist Brooklyn’s budget. They work to establish and manage a bank account and other financial entities, such as a Venmo account, for all Persist Brooklyn funds.  


Happy Hour

  • Slack channel: #events-happy-hour

  • This team organizes and hosts a recurring event guiding members to action through dialog, education, and general community-building. We coordinate and provide an easy to access platform for PBk members and teams. 


Media Team 

  • Slack channel: #team-media

  • The Media team handles media requests, writes press releases when appropriate, facilitates scheduling interviews and securing news items, crisis management, event listings in outlets, etc. 


Partner Outreach/Political/Coalition Building

  • Slack channel: #team-outreach-and-coalition-building

  • This team will field incoming requests for partnerships with community and national organizations and campaigns

  • This team will handle the process of fielding endorsement requests, as per the process outlined by the Candidate Rubric Working Group 

  • This team will make a concerted effort, once a quarter, to audit the partnerships we have made, with respect to diversity and inclusion, and will ensure we are living up to our mission by reaching out to community organizations and campaigns that represent and reflect the diversity of Brooklyn.


Policy and Education 

  • Slack channel: #team-policy-education

  • This team aims to incorporate education on progressive policies into Persist Brooklyn’s events and messaging. Our goal is for our organizers and volunteers to have a broad knowledge of key policy issues when doing phone and text banking and other electoral work. This team will, by a democratic vote, focus on specific policy issues that Persist Brooklyn identifies as important. The policy and education team can be called upon by other teams (including the electoral strategy team, partner outreach/coalition building, and communications teams) for research, messaging, and other advising on how to communicate key policy issues.

  • Activities include policy talks at happy hours and separate town hall events (e.g., health justice town hall with the Campaign for NY Health). 


Tech Team

  • Slack channel: #team-tech

  • This team manages the nuts and bolts of the tools we use: email accounts, the google group, website platform, event scheduling tools- Mobilize, Zoom account. The team is responsible for making instructions to help members use tools that may be new to them. This team will also support any open-source technology we decide to implement (such as Spoke, Switchboard, etc.).


Training Committee

  • Slack channel: #team-training

  • This team will centralize, and create when necessary, materials outlining best practices and how-to’s of Persist Brooklyn’s electoral work, and seek to train and empower PBk’s membership to participate in and lead their own events.


Virtual Organizing Specialist Crew

  • Slack channel: #team-virtual-organizing

  • This team identifies tools and platforms that improve Persist Brooklyn’s ability to organize in a virtual space. They discover or define best practices around using these tools and share educational materials with the rest of the group.


Welcome Committee

  • Slack channel: #team-welcome

  • The Welcome Committee provides a friendly, approachable, transparent, supportive welcome to new persisters who have expressed interest in, or otherwise engaged with Persist Brooklyn.
    They send a virtual welcome packet to persisters who sign up for our mailing list or join our slack channel.
    Partners new persisters to veteran Persisters who can help orient them to our platforms and policies and be a point of contact for any other questions that may arise. 

Some Slack Guidelines

All organizers and members are asked to use the public team channels for planning and coordination as much as possible. This is a culture shift. Many of us are used to planning in the steering committee channel, in private slack messages or other private communication tools. This is in effect, working behind closed doors. We may feel insecure, or self conscious about having public one to one conversations, or figuring things out in a public forum, but it is important we adapt. This is growth.


This public dialog serves two main purposes:

  1. It fosters inclusivity and transparency, allowing everyone who is interested to know what’s happening in real-time, and minimizes having to repeat or relay information.

  2. It allows for new voices to see opportunities unseen by others and feel welcome to chime in. Our members continue to surprise us with new skills and solutions. Unique experiences and perspectives add value and strength to our organization.  

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